mCommerce & Augmented Reality

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With the introduction smart phones and rapid pace of applications I am certain that we have only seen the tip of iceberg so far.?? With devices having GPS, Camera, Accelerometers, Magnetometer and Proximity sensors a lot can be achieved.

For an example using GPS & Proximity sensors we could use Geo fence and Retailers could use this tool for targeting potential customers.

With the use of Camera we could layer images, texts, rich contents (video) on top of real objects through camera?s eyes.? It could help tourists to find hotels, restaurants, night clubs in realtime when they point the device in the direction of interested area.? Augmented Reality is one of my favourite subject and could provide numerous use cases for large businesses.

It is important for retailers to understand that they could leverage smart phones to drive client acquisition, retention and conversions.

It?s very important for the application developers/designers? to get the UI spot on, else it can have negative affect.

Now can?t wait for RFIDs to be bolted onto the smart phones and we will see a total new world…

MCommerce can be divided into 3 main sections: Product selection, cart management, and payment process.
Product selection can be entirely handled in the native application code to benefit from product specific interfaces. The application can asynchronously update the working catalog. The cart itself can be saved on the user account for natural transition between iphone and web shopping.

The payment itself, via credit cart or online payment, can be done with an integration of the browser inside the application. There’s multiple benefit to that: bank payment systems natural support for the iphone browser, the inherent security and maintenance of the browser as opposed to proprietary code, the clear understanding by the user that he is in ‘traditional’ space for payment.


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