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August 8, 2021

Ethereum London Hardfork EIP -1559 and


Ethereum's London Hard Fork Successful and Ethereum 2.0 looking ConfidentThe "London” hard fork has been activated on 05th August 2021 - A big and necessary changes coming to the code underpinning the world’s second-biggest...

November 10, 2018



What Is Blockchain? Before even we get into the use cases of Blockchain, lets look at what blockchain is? At its most basic level, blockchain is literally just a chain of blocks – which can ......

November 18, 2014

Mobile 4K video gets wired to TVs


Starting late next year, it will become a tad easier to stream 4K video from mobile devices to ultra high-definition TVs. Mobile devices with the upcoming USB Type C connectors will support the latest MHL ......

Veyron Supercars Knightsbridge
August 5, 2014

Streets of Knightsbridge are jammed with Arab-owned supercars as wealthy Middle Eastern playboys flock to London for the summer (so what are a few parking tickets to a Veyron owner?) Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2716405/Streets-Knightsbridge-jammed-Arab-owned-supercars-wealthy-playboys-flock-London


Influx of foreign-owned sports cars and 4x4s is becoming an annual event in wealthy Knightsbridge and Kensington It is thought Arabs come to the capital from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE to escape the baking ......

June 15, 2014

How Amazon Could Attack Android?

News, Technology

Summary Android and iOS captured 94% of smartphone sales in 2013. Although Android controls 78% of the market, the lead isn’t nearly as insurmountable as it seems. Orienting native development around the web is one ......

Is EBK the Future of ATM?
June 13, 2014

Is EBK the future of ATM?


Your ATM might be about to become an EBK                 JPMorgan Chase?s consumer division, Chase Bank, is in the midst of introducing EBKs, or electronic banking kiosks.?Essentially, they?re ......

Mac Turns 30 Today
January 24, 2014

The Mac Turns 30

News, , ,

30th Birtdhay for Mac – Today (Friday) marks exactly three decades since Steve Jobs launched the Apple Macintosh, two days after the now-iconic?1984 commercial?teased the computer to the world during Super Bowl XVIII. Three decades ......

February 27, 2011

Dreamweaver CS5 not loading

Tips & Tricks

http://forums.adobe.com/message/2851869 1. Repair permissions to the Dreamweaver C5 user folder. 2.Reset Dreamweaver preferences. Else Try renaming the following folder to ?old? and Run DW again which will recreate the folder....

January 31, 2011

Honeycomb logo

Mobile & UI/UX

Google creates a buzz with Android Honeycomb logo Read more:?http://www.thinq.co.uk/2011/1/31/google-creates-buzz-android-honeycomb-logo/#ixzz1CeazQzko...

Sanjay Jadhav's Christmas in London
December 25, 2010

Christmas in London


I decided to stay back in London for our Christmas holidays.?? With the Touch & Go situation with flights I was glad we took the right decision.? I am enjoying trying to cook different cuisine ......

August 14, 2010

At Alnwick in August


Enjoyed my visit to Haggerston castle where Harry Potter was shot. Kids just loved it. Holy Island quite close by. Couldn?t resist parking my car in front of the castle....

April 30, 2010

April/May in Orlando


Attended?WES 2010?and learned a lot about Blackberry Enterprise Servers. Got to meet nice party animals who would spent whole day in the event but later have a great time partying. Just loved the trip…...

April 9, 2010



  Playa de las Americas Enjoyed soooooo much that I can?t wait to go there again….. Veronica?s is the hottest spot in town. Rags and Matrix club were great.   My Favourite Restaurants: Thai...

Sanjay in Dubai for Valentines
February 14, 2010



Had a great time in Dubai for valentines and visited my in-laws.? Kids had great time in Dubai Mall. My Favourite Restaurants: Ghazebo (Bur Dubai) Pai Thai (Madinat Jumeirah) Thai Bristo...

January 27, 2010

Top 10 E-Commerce Best Practices


eCommerce UX (User Experience) is an important aspect of Online Store because if the store is not user friendly, it can adversely affect the visits and conversions for an Online Store. 1.Product Descriptions & Images: ......

Sanjay in Kerala & Mumbai
January 1, 2010

Kerala & Mumbai


Beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life.? Very welcoming people and fabulous food. Restaurants: Gazali (Mumbai): Top in grilled sea food?? Avg ?30+ pp Delhi Darbaar (Mumbai):? Superb Biryani? Avg ?15+ pp...