Appsworld 2015 – Babak Parviz- Google glass inventor & Jason Bradbury – Gadget show presenter

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@Appsworld 2015 at?ExCel London was amazing and it was pleasure to see where #Wearables are heading especially after having a good session with Babak Parviz – the legendary inventor of Google Glass and Jason Bradbury – presenter of Gadget Show.
babak parviz

Babak Parviz talked about future of?robotics where robotic surgery will be carried by assistant robots to the surgeons and sees this as as more?complex compared to Google car.

?He also mentioned that fast iterations into prototyping is critical as opposed to jumping straight into the final prototype. ?Next big thing in wearables that he is excited about is Hololense.

Babak?discussed about?how batteries are?improving & but not as fast as processor cycles are and touched upon issues with wearables is bearing the heat on human body. ? He vaguely touched the topics on biometric and said that?finger-print tech can be?easily faked. ?He was asked in the panel that what is his longterm vision and he mentioned that his mid-to-longterm vision is that we will not be required to?carry any?wearables in future.

I was amazed to see how Jason is loaded with wealth of information on wearables and other technologies. ?I?bounced few ideas with Jason Bradbury on topics where I see VR could be heading and how it can be commercialised apart from gaming.
Sanjay Jadhav with Jason Bradbury

I have a vision of having an immersive experience of virtual showrooms (retail outlets) where one could move around in the retail store without leaving?their home or office and shop for items delivered to this doorstep. Real estates could take advantage of wearables whereby I could immerse into property viewing?without stepping out?and?take appropriate actions like book viewings or show my interest in reserving it and realtors could have access to wealth of data at their hand to re-target the right audience. ?As soon as these devices get smaller in size, right fit for your pocket(i.e. cost-effective to buy) they will be found in every household.
Virtual Reality shopping CommerceRealestate-with-VR









AR & VR Gaming Panel:
The panel discussion with speakers Sam Gage, John Campbell, Steve Dann, Sam Watts, Dan Page & Katie Goode on AR & VR Mobile games was amazing and shed light on where it could be heading towards with its pitfalls this year and is expected to grow next year. ? I had a good chat with Sam on VR games and bounced ideas on?VR Gaming and commercialising it.


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