WWDC 2014 Event 02Jun 2014

Apple WWDC 2014 announcement 02 June 2014

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A quick summary on Apple’s WWDC 2014 Special Event

WWDC 2014 Event 02Jun 2014

Apple iOS8 Home Kit

?Apple iOS8 Health KitWWDC 2014 ?lands a brand new ?HomeKit? and ?HealthKit? applications along side:

Home Kit:?Your app can use Home Kit to communicate with devices that users have in their homes

Health Kit:?Health Kit makes it easy for apps to share health-related information, whether that information comes from devices connected to an iOS device or is entered manually by the user. The user?s health information is stored in a centralized and secure location. The user can then see all of that data displayed in the Health app.

Touch ID App:?3rd party apps can take advantage of TouchID, Very secure – finger print data is stored on A7 processor

iOS SDK : ?For developing Apps. ?This is the largest release since the launch of the App Store ?(Greig). ?It now has over 4000 new developers API ?- what a great news for developers!!

Extensions in iOS8

  • Extensibility (offer services to other Apps)!!! ?3rd party apps in Notifications, 3rd party widgets can be built, Can bid for Ebay items within the Notification Centre, Bing translation within Safari,?Install system wide 3rd party Keyboards!
  • Cloud Kit: Server side & Client side programming model provides a conduit for moving data between your app and iCloud. Unlike other iCloud technologies where data transfers happen transparently, Cloud Kit gives you control over when transfers occur. You can use Cloud Kit to manage all types of data. ?It offers?FREE with limits.
  • Metal (3D Graphics):?provides extremely low-overhead access to the A7 GPU enabling incredibly high performance for your sophisticated graphics rendering and computational tasks. Metal eliminates many performance bottlenecks?such as costly state validation?that are found in traditional graphics APIs.


  • iOS8 Scene Kit Sprite KitScene Kit is for building simple games and rich app user interfaces with 3D graphics, combining a high-performance rendering engine with a high-level, descriptive API. Scene Kit has been available since OS X v10.8 and is now available in iOS for the first time.

  • Sprite Kit
    adds new features to make it easier to support advanced game effects. These features include support for custom OpenGL ES shaders and lighting, integration with Scene Kit, and advanced new physics effects and animations.


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