My Story

Raised in Dubai and been coding since the age of 13 - Settled in UK and have a passion for technology!

As a kid, I was always fascinated by aircrafts and wanted to be a pilot. Obviously, that didn't happen but I got the opportunity to make my dream come true by getting my hands-on a Boeing 727 and flying micro aircrafts.

I am experienced entrepreneur within the digital and technology space. With a career spanning over 20+ years, my expertise embraces areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, product innovation, growth strategies, software development, mobile app development & infrastructure management.  I have worked across multiple stacks, which includes Microsoft, LAMP & MEAN.

Sanjay Jadhav - Technology Evangelist

I have successfully led projects for major global brands as well as start-ups and formulated their strategy in developing their in-house & online business with cutting-edge innovation & technology.

I am currently involved in enabling businesses including startups for Problem/Solution, Product/Market fit & to Scale alongside technical consultancy to build the right stack for MVP and/or develop/manage complete product development lifecycle.

I have led & mentored multiple Corporates & Startups which includes various verticals such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Realestate, Travel, Computer Hardware, Digital Agency, Video Platform, FMCG & eCommerce.

I am a problem solver and have evolved as a strategic individual with sound technical knowledge, including expertise in SaaS Platform, merchandising strategy implementation and consultation.  I have made significant contributions in the form of identifying innovative opportunities and am an advocate for product innovation.  

Recent Achievements

Sanjay Jadhav's PointAtMe Platform  Augmented Reality Platform:  PointAtMe  -
Sanjay Jadhav's Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Agency:  iDigitalise  -
Sanjay Jadhav's VirtualMob-Augmented-Reality-Development Mobile App & Augmented Reality Development:  Virtual Mobile  -

Recent Achievements

Love Airlines: Most of my international trips, I was seated in Cockpit during  my tenure at Lufthansa.
Stock and Forex Apart from my favourite subject  i.e. Information Technology,  I enjoy Forex and Stock investments.  Happy to get connected with like minded people.
Entrepreneur My first business evolved around real estate in Dubai 1989- 1994 when rentals were in very high demand and I made most of my fortune then.  I enjoy discussing and implementing new business ideas.  I am currently working on various mobile technologies and always looking to kickstart my next venture.
Travel I worked at the International Airport which was a part of my internship, following that I worked few months in Travel Agency to gain Travel & Tourism experience.
Education: BSc (achievements: 1st class) HND in Software Engineering (achievements: distinction) Diploma in Airline Sales and Station Management (achievements: distinction) Diploma in Hotel Management (achievements: distinction)
Technologies:  Mobile development - iOS/Android, Computer Vision & Augmented Reality, Web Development,  Gaming, Digital Marketing, Facebook apps & ERP System Development
Courses/Additional Qualification: ITIL V3, MSCE, PRINCE2, CCNA, WSE, MBCS, IATA,UFTAA
BCS - British  iata
(MSF) Microsoft Solutions Framework VMware, Double Take .Net (, C#, web services, XML, Web design course (HTML, Flash action scripting, DW) Exchange 2003 (Implementing & Managing) Windows 2003 (Implementing & managing AD) MS SQL, IIS, PHP, Apache, nginx, MySQL, Node.JS, No-SQL Watchguard Security Engineer Airline/Cargo:  IATA / UFTAA